Our goal with Peer School workshops is to support you in supporting others.

Below you’ll find a list of our Peer School workshops. Start wherever you’d like. 

Peer School: Understanding Mental Health

Peer School – Online Workshop

This workshop focuses on learning the basics of mental health: what it is, what can impact it, the difference between mental health and a mental health challenge, stigma and what can support mental health.

Peer School: Building Trauma-Informed Support

Peer School – Online Workshop

This workshop builds foundational knowledge in what makes us who we are, trauma, and what trauma-informed support looks and feels like. You will also practice skills to better understand and implement trauma-informed support in your conversations with others.

Peer School:Trust & Connection


Peer School – Online Workshop

This workshop discusses vulnerability, boundaries, building connections and accountability. You will leave this course feeling empowered after exploring the topic of trust and how to grow connections with others.

Peer School: Empathy & Communication

Peer School – Online Workshop

Empathy and communication are about listening with your full attention to understand another person’s feelings and perspective. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to enable you to fully listen and communicate in a supportive manner.

Peer School: Navigating Boundaries In Supportive Relationships

Peer School – Online Workshop

Boundaries are essential in all relationships. But setting clear boundaries when helping others is integral to providing compassionate, trauma-informed, and empowering support. 

Peer School: Perceptions of Addiction

Peer School – Online Workshop

This 2-part workshop encourages us to reflect on our own perceptions of addiction and where these views come from. While understanding the impact of stigma, the foundations of addiction & how we can better talk about addiction.