Our goal with Peer School workshops is to support you in supporting others.

Our Peer School is designed for people who are currently, or interested in, helping others. So, whether you’re a friend that people go to, a caregiver supporting a child, a partner helping a loved one, or wanting to gain skills to support others, Peer School workshops are tailored to assist you in this. 

Peer School offers a collection of workshops on a range of important topics, each created to enhance your knowledge and skills. This will enable you to provide caring, compassionate, and trauma-informed support. 

Our free Peer School workshops are created by Experts Through Experience and Experts Through Learning. This means what we share in our workshops is what people have found to be the most important and supportive.

The overall goal of every Peer School workshop is the same, supporting you to support others.

All Peer School workshops follow the Peer Support Core Values, including:

  • Hope & recovery,
  • Empathetic & equal relationships,
  • Self-determination,
  • Dignity and social inclusion,
  • Integrity, authenticity and trust
  • Health and wellness
  • Lifelong learning and personal growth 

Below you’ll find a link to our Peer School workshops. Start wherever you’d like.