The ‘Selfs’ Workshop

Anyone – Online

The way we care and think about ourselves has a huge impact on us, from affecting our well-being, to being critical of ourselves, to blocking ourselves from building resilience. Self-care and Self-Compassion are good mental well-being and resilience tools that can take a bit of time and patience when first being put into practice. 

In this online workshop, you’ll be introduced to Self-Care and Self-Compassion and how they support our wellbeing. There will be an opportunity to practice some Self-Care and Self-Compassion techniques and discuss what barriers we might face when it comes to putting these into practice. 

This is an interactive workshop and involves practicing self-care and self-compassion activities along with opportunities for discussion. 

The ‘Selfs’ Workshop has been created in collaboration with CMHA Kelowna’s Learning and Development team and Peer Supporters, with contributions from people with lived and professional expertise. 

This session will be hosted online – access to the internet or phone is needed.

What to expect:
  • Online community workshop
  • 1 session, 1 hr 30 mins long
  • 2 Co-facilitators running the session
  • Interactive activities
  • Instructions on how to join sent to your email before the session begins
  • We do recommend taking Understanding Resilience webinar before this workshop, but it is not a necessity. 
  • Recommended to have a pen and paper for the activities
Learning Opportunities:

  • Understand the basics of self-care and self-compassion, and why they are important supporting our mental health.
  • Acknowledge Self-Care and Self-Compassion takes time to practice but it can become more natural and beneficial the more we do it.
  • Recognise when we are being overly critical of ourselves, and how instead we need to accept, learn and grow from challenges.
  • Practice some caring and compassionate techniques.
  • Discuss barriers we might be facing or placing when it comes to practicing Self-Care and Self-Compassion.

The ‘Selfs’ Workshop

10:00 – 11:30 am PT

START: Thursday April 27th, 2023