An Introduction To Mindfulness


This in-person course is currently postponed. 

Take time to calm your nervous system, quiet your mind and strengthen your inner resources.

This course is for anyone looking to learn how to stay in the moment. Increased awareness can improve your wellbeing. Participants will have the opportunity to try a variety of mindfulness practices and activities such as guided relaxation, various breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation.

This course was co-produced by people with lived experience and topic experts from Okanagan College, UBC Okanagan and CMHA Kelowna.

Registration is required for this course.

What to expect:
  • Relaxed classroom setting
  • Maximum of 10 registered students
  • Class Discussions
  • Guided Relaxation and Mindfulness practice
  • Unguided Relaxation and Mindfulness practice
  • Full length of the course is 6 sessions, each 1 hour long
  • No required learning outside of course
Learning Opportunities:
  • Gain self-awareness of your personal wellness journey and self-care.
  • Discover mindfulness and relaxation techniques and how they can be used in day-to-day life.
  • Understand why mindfulness is so important in a fast-paced goal-orientated society.
  • Become comfortable and confident in practicing mindful and relaxation techniques.
  • Learn to be non-judgemental and accepting of our thoughts.

An Introduction To Mindfulness

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

START: Mar 19, 2020

END: Apr 23, 2020


LOCATION: Meeting Room, Spaces Kelowna, Innovation Centre

An Introduction To Mindfulness

Time: 12 pm – 1 pm

START: May 25, 2020

END: Jun 29, 2020


LOCATION: Meeting Room, Spaces Kelowna, Innovation Centre