Mindfulness Workshop

Anyone – Online 

Taking time to be in the present moment, acknowledging what is happening and what we are feeling right now – without judging ourselves – is the basis of Mindfulness. Practicing Mindfulness can be a helpful tool in building and maintaining our resilience, as it supports us to provide space to acknowledge our emotions.

In this online workshop you’ll be introduced to Mindfulness and how it supports resiliency, practice some mindfulness techniques, and discuss what barriers we might face when it comes to taking the time to practice. 

This online Mindfulness Workshop is a supplementary session to our Understanding Resilience webinar. This is an interactive workshop and involves practicing Mindfulness activities during the session, along with opportunities for discussion. 

The Mindfulness Workshop has been adapted from ‘An Introduction to Mindfulness’ which was created in collaboration with CMHA Kelowna’s Peer Supporters, UBC Okanagan and Okanagan College with contributions from people with lived and professional expertise.

This session will be hosted online – access to the internet or phone is needed.

What to expect:
  • Online community workshop
  • 1 session, 1 hr 30 mins long
  • 2 Co-facilitators running the session
  • Interactive activities
  • Instructions on how to join sent to your email before the session begins
  • We do recommend taking the Understanding Resilience webinar before this workshop, but it is not a necessity. 
  • Recommended to have a pen and paper for the activities
Learning Opportunities:

  • Understand the basics of Mindfulness and how it helps to build resilience.
  • Acknowledge Mindfulness is a skill that we need to practice and that it can become more natural and beneficial the more we do it.
  • Practice some mindfulness techniques during the workshop while you sit in your chair.
  • Discuss barriers we might be facing or placing when it comes to practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness Workshop

Thursday, 28th October

START: 12pm – 1:30pm (PT)



At CMHA Kelowna and Discovery College, our main priority is always our community’s well-being. Following the advice of the Canadian Government and to ensure the safety of everyone who is due to take a Discovery College course, we are choosing to postpone our in-person courses at this moment in time due to COVID-19. Discovery College has created an online series, Coping with Current Events, to help create community through learning and support throughout this time. Find out more on the Course page.