Manifesting Motivation Workshop

Anyone – Online

Many of us feel a lack or loss of motivation at some point in our lives, so what can we do to support ourselves?

In this workshop, we’ll break down motivation to better understand our expectations, perspectives, and adaptations. As we work through the different sections, you’ll learn different skills and techniques to create your own unique set of strategies to drive your motivation.

Whether you feel like you are lacking motivation or that you have no lack of motivation, this workshop will build skills to support your get-up and go.

This is an interactive workshop and involves skill building, activities, and opportunities for discussion and polls.

Manifesting Motivation has been created in collaboration with CMHA Kelowna’s Peer Supporters, Education Team, and Discovery College Students with contributions from people with lived and learned expertise.

This workshop will be hosted online – access to the internet or phone is needed.

What to expect:
  • Online community workshop
  • 1 session,  2 hours long
  • 2 Co-facilitators leading the workshop
  • Interactive activities including polls, chat boxes, discussions, and practicing strategies
  • Workbook with work-along activities
  • Instructions on how to join sent to your email before the session begins
  • Recommended to have a pen and paper
  • No prior knowledge needed
Learning Opportunities:

  • Gain an understanding of motivation and how it is unique to each of us
  • Understand expectations and how these can impact our motivation
  • Discover perspective’s role in motivation
  • Learn different ways of visualizing tasks
  • Acknowledge the importance of acceptance and adaptation in motivation
  • Recognize smalls wins and that our journey is just as important as an ‘end goal’

Manifesting Motivation Workshop

1:00 – 3:00 pm PT

START: Thursday January 26th, 2023