It’s Tough To Talk

Produced by men, for men.

It’s Tough To Talk is brought to you by HeChangedIt and Discovery College, and we can’t wait for you to get started.

In this free online course, men will develop different tools and techniques to gear them up to communicate in the way they need to. It’s Tough To Talk will help release the pressure men experience from avoiding those tough conversations.

It’s Tough To Talk focuses on relationship building, communication, and mental wellness. All with the aim of making it a bit easier for men to talk about what’s on our chest and to be able to be there for their friends or other guys who are going through the same kind of stuff.

Do this course in your own time, in privacy, all from your smart device. And all for FREE, via the


The Logistics:

  • Join a community of men online
  • Learn at your own pace from your smart device
  • Includes videos, reading, discussion boxes and online activities
  • No prior knowledge needed

The Development Opportunities:

  • Understanding the role and importance of different forms of in-person communication 
  • Learn practical skills that enable us to be good listeners
  • Build concrete tools that help us to start those tough conversations and say what we need to clearly
  • Become confident in setting boundaries with others
  • Discover the courage involved in starting to open up, and in turn how we can reduce barriers to this.
  • Develop personalised goals to focus on what you want to gain from opening up