An Introduction To Mindfulness


Take time to calm your nervous system, quiet your mind and strengthen your inner resources. This group is for anyone who wants to improve their awareness and learn how to stay in the moment.

Building Healthy Boundaries


Boundaries help separate your needs, thoughts, and feelings from those of others’. Uncover the importance of boundaries to your well-being and become confident in setting them in your life.

Coping with Current Events: Managing Anxiety and Stress


In recent weeks, COVID-19 has been on many of our minds. For some of us, it has understandably increased our anxiety and stress. This online session hopes to bring together the community during a time of unknown, to learn and support ourselves and others. 

Cultivating Compassion


This course is for anyone who wants to understand the difference between self-compassion and compassion while highlighting the importance of both in our wellness.

Finding Your Balance

Family, Friends and Parents

Discover ways to empower yourself and your loved one, whilst moving from fixing to supporting them. This course is for people supporting a loved one with a mental health or substance use challenge.

Food with Friends

Older Adults

Building connection and community through food. This group is recommended for Older Adults and is about enjoying simple pleasures and connecting through food.  

Wellness Fitness


Coming Soon. Explore the power of improving your mental health with fitness activities.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan®


Develop your own Wellness, Recovery, Action Plan to face life’s challenges. WRAP® is a self-designed prevention and wellness process that anyone can use to get well, stay well and guide their life toward what they want it to be.


Young Adults

Courses coming soon