Who We Are!

Learning together and from

each other.

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At Discovery College we welcome anyone and everyone to attend our free courses that support people to feel confident in facing life’s challenges. We take an educational approach to promote people’s well-being through learning to remain present, developing healthy boundaries, practicing self-care and more. We focus on supporting people.

All of our courses are created and delivered in collaboration with people who have personal experience from their wellness journey. This allows us to combine credible knowledge with practical tools in an empowering learning environment.

Start your journey today and find a course that’s right for you. 

So what can you expect from a Discovery College course?

A welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment.
We aim for all our courses to be small groups of people coming to learn together and from each other.

Real knowledge and practical tools to support people to grow.
We draw upon a diverse range of knowledge sources, bringing Experts Through Learning together with Experts Through Experience to develop and deliver our courses. Check out our FAQs below to read more about our experts.

Accessible courses.
Our courses are free and don’t require you to have prior knowledge on the topic. The majority of our courses are held in the community across Kelowna.

Beginning to support your well-being.
Whether you are coping with a mental health challenge, have a hard time taking time to yourself, or desire healthier boundaries, Discovery College will empower you to face these.


How is Discovery College different?

Discovery College empowers anyone and everyone who wishes to develop their own resourcefulness and better support their own or a loved one’s wellbeing. It is all about providing practical knowledge and tools to support students to grow.

All of our courses are co-produced and co-facilitated. That means everything is created and ran by an Expert Through Experience and an Expert Through Learning, so we’re not ‘doing for’ we’re ‘doing with’.

What happens in a course?

 Our welcoming and knowledge-building courses usually accommodate 15 -20 students and take an adult learning approach. That means our co-facilitators don’t just share their experience and resources, our courses allow for practicing of applicable tools to support students to face life’s challenges.

An Expert Through Experience and Expert Through Learning will facilitate each course to support students to learn, practice and discuss in a non-judgemental setting.

What is an Expert Through Experience and an Expert Through Learning?

Our Experts Through Experience have gained their knowledge through personal experience. Experts Through Experience share what strategies they found to really work and their life-experiences to the course.

Our Experts Through Learning have gained their knowledge through their education and working in their field of expertise. Experts Through Learning share their resources and understanding to the course.

How do I register?

Register by clicking on the course you’re interested in and add it to your cart. Once you’ve finished selecting your courses, finalise your registration and complete the online form.

Don’t wish to register online? No problem! You can call the Discovery College Lead, on 250-861-3644.

How do Drop-in courses work?

If you’re wanting to attend a drop-in course, then there’s no need to register. Just show up!

How much do courses cost?

Nothing! All of the Discovery College courses and drop-in courses are completely free. Make sure you register for your chosen course to save your place.

Free courses at Discovery College are made possible through community donations and the generous support of:

Who can attend Discovery College courses?

For In-person courses: Anyone aged 16+ who wants to expand on their knowledge, skills and abilities to manage their own life’s challenges so they can discover what’s possible for them.

For Online courses: Anyone aged 14+.

No qualifications are required to attend Discovery College courses, you just need an open mind with a willingness to learn and grow.

Some Discovery College courses have been co-produced for a particular group such as Family, Friends and Parents or Young People. Check out our course list to find a course that suits you!

Where do the courses take place?

Our in-person courses are held at community partner locations in Kelowna. The location of the course will be indicated in the course description. Our in-person courses are currently postponed, and we are offering online workshops.

Who can I contact if I want more information?

Please contact the Discovery College Lead at 250-861-3644 or email at [email protected]

How long are the courses?

Our in-person courses range in length depending on the topic. For example one course may be 3 sessions whilst another may be up to 6 sessions. Each session will be between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the course. The length of a course will be indicated in the course description.

Our online workshops usually are one session, lasting between 1hr 30 and 2 hours. The length of time will be listed in the workshop description.

Can I get involved with creating and/or facilitating courses?

We’re always open to new ideas and new collaborations, so if you’d love to get involved in creating, facilitating or would even like to donate your space for a course to be held contact the Discovery College lead at [email protected].

Is there a test at the end of the course?

All of our courses are about supporting people to build skills and knowledge, but there is no pass or fail and no tests. It’s about learning and growing, not passing a course.