What Really Works? A Mental Health Podcast for Young People

Young Adults and Youth – Podcast

Welcome to “What Really Works?”, Discovery College’s podcast for young people. Join us to listen to real experiences, humour and plenty of mental health tips.

For the resources that are spoken about during Episode 3, click here.

In “What Really Works?” hosts Beki and Olivia talk all about mental health and how each of us can support our well-being in a down-to-earth and practical way. We remove the ‘clinical’ jargon and just chat honestly about our experiences and what we’ve found to work.

It’s tough being a young person. We’ve got more than enough going on in our lives and now with the current events, it can be harder. In our podcast we talk all about the good and the bad we’re experiencing, as well as some tools and tricks we can use to support our mental health and well-being right now and in the long-term. 

“What Really Works?” will cover topics such as topics anxiety and stress, self-care, the media, routines and, pressure and perfection.

The hosts, Beki and Olivia, are both in their twenties and work for the Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna. They bring their lived and professional expertise to “What Really Works?” to share with listeners their knowledge, personal experiences and tools they’ve found to be useful. This means we truly can share what really works. 

You can tune into “What Really Works” by clicking on the episodes above or on PodBean.