Coping with Current Events: A Parent, Family and Caregiver Toolkit

Family, Friends and Parents – Online

COVID-19 is on many of our minds at the moment. With so much changing with the current events, for some of us, it has understandably made it more difficult to support our loved ones. Our Coping with Current Events series hopes to bring together the community during a time of unknown, to learn and support ourselves and others. 

Our online Coping with Current Events: A Parent, Family and Caregiver Toolkit will discuss the impact of the current events on ourselves and those we care for, understand differences in perspectives, become aware of different communication tools and provide some options to help support ourselves and others. 

Our goal is for you to leave this online session with at least one tool or piece of knowledge that you can implement right now to “reduce that squeeze” we all feel.

This session will be hosted online, so to join this access to the internet or phone is needed. Instructions on how you can join will be sent once registration is completed. 

This session has been created in collaboration with Foundry Kelownawith contributions from people with lived and professional expertise.

This session is generously supported by The Blenk Family Fund, together with the KGH Foundation.

What to expect:
  • Online community session
  • 1 session, 1hr 30 minutes long
  • 2 Co-facilitators running the session
  • Opportunities for discussion
  • Student Resource Guide provided to supplement learning after session
  • Instructions on how to join sent to your email before the session begins
  • No prior knowledge needed
Learning Opportunities:
  • Understand that our perception of the current event’s impact may be different to our loved one’s perception.
  • Acknowledge that caring for ourselves is just as important for caring for others.
  • Discover the need for communication in understanding our loved one’s needs, setting our boundaries and discussing our worries and expectations.
  • Learn the importance of moving from fixing, to supporting, our loved one.
  • Explore different tools that allow us to care of ourselves and care for others.
FULL Coping with Current Events: A Parent, Family and Caregiver Toolkit

10:00 – 11:30 am (PT)

DATE: June 25th, 2020